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Imagine who you could be if you remembered everything you wanted to remember

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When writing it down isn't enough

You discover ideas you want to remember and use all the time. Sadly they're usually forgotten even when written down. You might even set some reminders using a calendar/note/todo app, but it quickly becomes too much effort.

Automated smart reminders

Receive up to 5 reminders per day by email with what you’re currently remembering. We use email because it works for everyone everywhere. Set an item as remembered to stop it from being included in reminders.

Spaced repetition

A scientifically researched way to effectively remember information. We send items at the best time by increasing the interval between reminders to maximize the psychological spacing effect. Learn more.

Organize & track progress

See how consistently you read reminders (don’t break the chain!) and how many you’ve remembered. Organize by goals and tags to monitor progress in specific areas. Set different priorities for goals to affect reminder frequency.

Become who you want to be

Today, life moves so quickly it’s easy to lose sight of what you truly want. Keeping what you actually want to remember top of mind helps you make better decisions and achieve those goals that are often just a few steps away.

Plus more

  • Works on all devices, including smartphones 📱.
  • Occasionally receive reminders with items you’ve set as remembered to see if you still actually remember them.
  • Items come with a full event history.


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What do you want to remember?

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