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You are a friendly and happy person, so proudly let the world see it. Plus, frowning takes too many muscles and being emo is unattractive.

Take care of your body.

Without health, you are nothing. It is your vehicle of productivity. A seed can only flourish into a mighty tree with a strong foundation to spread its roots through.

Ultimately, your value will be based on how many lives you have positively impacted.

Stop focusing on yourself once in a while and give back. It is a win-win situation and will improve your karma dramatically.

Be grateful and do not complain.

Billions of others would instantly jump at the opportunity to be where you are and to have what you have.

Never forget your roots.

They are the reason you are who you are, and repaying them one day will bring zen-like satisfaction.

Be loyal.

To those that are loyal to you, and to those whose loyalty you wish for. Cherish their companionship and learn from them.

Create as often as possible.

By not creating, you are limited by your tastes rather than your ability, and tastes only narrow and exclude people.

Innovative and Nobel prize winning thoughts without action are just that: thoughts.

Action is where the magic truly happens. Combine with persistence and you will truly be unstoppable.

Quality over quantity, any day, and every day.

Only compromise if you know it can be easily rectified later on; otherwise, it is not worth it.

Always look at the big picture.

Many times the short-term gains can short change your long-term goals, but do not think this means you cannot have the best time of your life while actualising your dreams. You can.

Yin would be nothing without yang.

Anguish and failure are temporary and will always eventually be replaced by happiness and success. Never concede.

See an obstacle and view it as an opportunity.

There is something to be learned in everything, although it may be hard to see at first. Perception is key. Your mind is dynamic for a reason, so use it like it was made to be.

Feel fear and run straight into it.

Confront it without regret. You were not born for the purpose of cowering in fear, but rather the opposite.